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Furries Of The Corn

Nov 1st-3rd

“Overnight camp on a 500-acre memory maker.”- Camp Willson

Welcome to World Wild Fur Camp!


This weekend-long camping themed retreat will be the furry weekend get-away you will never forget!

    World Wild Fur Camp is a furry event unlike most others. Unlike conventions, we are a fun camping experience hosted at Camp Willson in Bellefontaine, OH. Here at our campgrounds, you will find there's much to see and explore! We provide weekend-long lodging, freshly cooked meals daily, and a place to make memories with friends and family, new and old! We are absolutely a LGBTQ+ friendly event, and we will NOT tolerate any kind of harassment towards our campers. We are here to have a good time!

Find pricing and other info please check out our Registration tab.

WWFC 2024 dates are November 1st - 3rd.

This year's theme will be Furries of the Corn

Please read over our Code of Conduct before registering so we can assure everyone has a safe and fun time here at the campgrounds.


After years in the making, World Wild Fur Camp is here!


Event Cap LIMIT (150 people)


This is 18+ SFW



    Get ready for a brand new style of furry get-away! WWFC is taking furries to the great outdoors of  Ohio for a family friendly outdoor adventure. Here at WWFC you can enjoy 3 days of fishing, archery, hiking, camp fires, ghost stories and so much more outdoor fun! You'll be staying in a huge cabin, one of 6, that holds up to 28 people each.

    Each cabin will have a guild master and your team can compete by attending panels; earning points to earn the title of Fur Camp Champions!

Only $150 each for the entire 3 day and 2 night stay.

Need a drink? Maybe you don't like what's on the menu at camp? Take a drive around the surrounding area for food, convenience, gas and bars!

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