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Guild Master: Delta EverGreen

Guard: Cobaul

  'Report to the Boop Troop And we'll always stick together We're the Boop Troop Best of friends forever.' Welcome to the Boop Troop! A guild with the goal of making everyone feel welcomed and helping furs and non-furs alike, figure out what this furry stuff is all about.

Boop Troop Banner.png

Boop Troop

Boop Crew_ New.png
Witch lair banner.png

The Witch's Lair

Guild Master: Genevieve

Guards: Ace The Cat

   Grab your witch hats and spellbooks, we're about to have a wicked fun time! 

Witch lair logo.jpg
Tigger guild.png


Guild Master: Tigger

Guards: TBA


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