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Boop Troop Banner.png

Boop Troop

Guild Master: Delta EverGreen

Guard: Gyny Beats

Child Friendly: Yes! 13+ please!


  • Handicap ramp

  • Indoor fireplace 

  • Includes roll-in shower

  'Report to the Boop Troop And we'll always stick together We're the Boop Troop Best of friends forever.' Welcome to the Boop Troop! A guild with the goal of making everyone feel welcomed and helping furs and non-furs alike, figure out what this furry stuff is all about.

Boop Crew_ New.png
Witch lair banner.png

The witch's Lair

Guild Master: Genevieve

Guards: Ace The Cat

Child Friendly: NO 18+


  •  Handicap ramp

   Grab your witch hats and spellbooks, we're about to have a wicked fun time! 

Witch lair logo.jpg

Guild Master: Gabu

Guards: TBA

Child Friendly: Yes! 13+ please!


  • Handicap ramp

  • Indoor fire place

   You like Pokémon? I like Pokémon. Good news, I am a Pokémon! If your interested in the type of guild that does cooperative activities like roasting s'mores or playing games together then I'm your Pokémon! Just look for the Pokéball at the entrance of camp and expect to have a good time!

Archyway Banner.png


Guild Archway.jpg
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