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Take a look around the campgrounds

Camp Campbell Gard has much to offer! From rock climbing to a brand new high ropes course, find it all here!

For more information on the campgrounds, click here!

GOOGLE Reviews for the campgrounds

"I was so sad when I left this place. The activities were fun. The food there is way better than school food. A bunch of new experiences. Tons of friends to make. Overall I give this place a 15/10."

"Okay so I went to camp Campbell Gard for a school field trip and it was awesome!!! Activities were exciting and the food was stuff like tater tots lasagnas and even pineapple cake!
They had vegan and vegetarian options as well. They also have a special machine that heats up your bag so you have no bedbugs, so camp Campbell Gard is bug free. They also have showers that are nice but are hard to change in and the best showers are the one by the hook, at least cabin 9 on the right side had one."

"Friendly staff, all kids of every ability included and makes you feel like part of the family."

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