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WWFC Code of conduct


  WWFC is Miami Valley Ohio’s official furry camping retreat! World Wild Fur Camp's hope is to be a endless weekend of fun for every attendee and to return for years to come! WWFC's mission is to create unforgettable memories and stories, while also raising money for the Camp Willson We value our unique relationship with The YMCA of Camp Willson, and are pleased to inform you that this is not a convention! It may share similar qualities but its operated very differently. To make this possible we have created a set of rules and guide lines that ALL attendees must follow. This is to secure a safe and respectful atmosphere for all who take part in the World Wild Fur Camp experience.  

  The WWFC and YMCA staff reserves the right to deny or revoke the membership of any one person or group at any time for reasons that conflict with the code of conduct policy or for behavioral issues that conflict with any rules. WWFC also reserves the right to enforce these rules at any time without prior posted notice and reserves the sole right of interpretation. In all cases and or incidents, the general rule above will always apply. For any information or questions, please contact WWFC staff for assistance. 

Camp At Your Own Risk!

  World Wild Fur Camp and the YMCA will not be held responsible for any personal injury or damaged property one might encounter during their stay. You will be required by YMCA staff upon arrival to sign a waiver stating that you understand that you and only you are responsible for your personal effects and your own actions. This includes, but is not limited to all injuries, lost or damaged property that is caused by your own negligence/disregard for safety/personal security.  

 As a condition of membership, all WWFC campers are instructed to abide by these standards of conduct for the entire duration of their stay while on the WWFC/YMCA property.

Camp Ground Rating

  All open campground space is property of the YMCA and is "PG" always, except for 18+ Guild events or exhibits that are specifically noted to be inappropriate for minors. Access to which is controlled by that Guild Master and security members. 18+ Guild houses are an exempt to the PG rule. However, you must be respectful to your fellow campers! 

Dress Code

  When in open areas, guild members may not wear clothing or accessories which are overly revealing, inappropriate to the atmosphere of the camp, or likely to draw reasonable complaint or offense. This includes clothing or accessories that are fetish-related, restrict mobility such as a leash attached to an otherwise acceptable collar, etc. Some questionable items may be included as part of a costume and may need to be taken to the Security Chief. For further questions please notify The Chief of Security and Guild Master of Guild SAPO.

    Shirts, pants/shorts/skirts, and footwear must be worn when in areas of camp at all times. Public displays of affection beyond what is appropriate for polite company are frowned upon. Please be polite and respectful to others. Always have consent!

No Alcohol!

  Under no circumstances what so ever is there any form of alcohol allowed on YMCA property. If you are of legal drinking age and you wish to have a few drinks with your friends, you may leave the camp to enjoy the hospitality of the food and beverage establishments in the surrounding areas, but do so responsibly. Do not come back to the camp ground drunk and disorderly. We highly value the safety of all our campers!

No Drugs!

   This means illegal substances that are not prescribed by a medical physician. Only over the counter and prescriptions medications are permitted.

Emergency Medical Info/Allergens

    Campers will be asked for an emergency contact's information in the event and emergency does partake. We ask for heath related concerns or potential life-threatening conditions to be made aware of if necessary. You are not required to disclose medical information; however, we do ask for any food allergies since the YMCA provides your meals. We do not have an EMT/medic onsite, but a person(s) certified in first aid and CPR. In the event of an emergency, we will call the proper authorities.

No Weapons!

  Cosplay props such as Nerf guns, swords, etc. are permitted but must be approved by your Guild Master/security chief and properly tagged. No real blades or fire arms are allowed on YMCA property.

Heat Treatment of Belongings

  This is the YMCA policy and is enforced for all campers who are staying in cabins. Upon arrival you must submit your belongings to the YMCA staff for a heat treatment. They will be running your luggage through machine at a high heat to help prevent head lice and bedbugs! This is NOT optional, and you may be asked to leave if your uncooperative. Fear not! Fursuits and fursuit accessories do not go through heat treatment! Instead, your tote/bag carrying said items will be inspected for any sign of bed bugs or lice. Be aware batteries and devices must be removed from belongings before treatment. A full list of procedures and rules will be available at the time arrival.

Archery and Bows

  If you are taking part in the WWFC archery you are permitted to bring a bow, but no arrows. Your bow must be a recurve, and not compound. It also must be de-stringed and properly secured. The YMCA provides proper YMCA approved bows and arrows for archery range, so you do not need to bring one if you wish to participate!

Badges/Camp Pass

  WWFC functions are open only to registered guild members, and all are required to wear provided badges at all times. A Guild badge is valid only for the person to whom it was issued. Guild badges may not be shared under any circumstances. Badges will be reissued if lost/damaged once. After that you must purchase a replacement badge. If you are found guilty of harboring an unregistered individual on YMCA property, or otherwise knowingly enabling an individual that is unwelcome at WWFC or enter YMCA property will result in permanent revocation of World Wild Fur Camp membership privileges.

 NO Harassment!

  Harassment of any kind will not be tolerated at WWFC. If you have been the target of harassment, we urge you to report the incident immediately to a member of Security or to your Guild Master. The sooner an issue is reported to us, the more appropriately we can address it.

Harassment includes, but is not limited to:

  • Physical assault, battery, stalking, or unwelcome physical contact.

  • Conduct, dress, speech that targets, threatens, intimidates, or is otherwise intended to cause distress to other attendees or members of protected classes (such as those based on race, age, religion, national origin, disability, gender, or sexual identity).

  • If people tell you "no" or ask you to leave them alone, your business with them is done. If you continue to attempt to have contact with those people, you may be removed from the premises. Remember: "A costume does not imply consent."

  • WWFC reserves the right to deny or revoke the membership of any individual at any time for any reason. The removal of an attendee’s membership status and privileges will most likely be enacted if that attendee’s actions or behavior is found to be disruptive to the safety or enjoyment of other attendees, inhibits or interferes with convention operations or with the staff and operation of any supporting venues.
    Anyone discovered to have forged a membership badge or to be using another member’s badge under false pretenses will be asked to leave the event and could possibly be referred to local police under a complaint of trespassing. In addition, any member discovered allowing others to "borrow" their membership badge will have their membership immediately revoked and will be asked to leave the event. Any member falsely representing themselves as a staff member of WWFC for any reason may have membership privileges revoked and asked to leave the event.


Minors (Under 18 years of age)

  As of the end of 2023 we are going strictly 18+ SFW



  At no point is a fursuit to be in the lake. You may not boat in fursuit as it is safety concern. If a canoe was to flip, you’d have a lot of wet weighted fur to potentially cause drowning. Also, fursuits are to always be 10ft away from any fireplace or bonfire. The WWFC or YMCA assumes no responsibility of a fire damaged suit. Lastly, we understand you may want to wear your fursuit everywhere, but we do not permit them in the cafeteria during meal time or any place that food is being served since the fur fabric sheds (GOH dinner, ice cream social, food panels, etc). 

Pet Policy

  Pets are not permitted on YMCA property. Service dogs (as defined by the Americans with Disabilities Act or ADA, Title II) are permitted in all camp space accessible to members if they are under appropriate control. Emotional Support Animals and Therapy Animals are NOT considered service dogs by the ADA and are not permitted on YMCA Property. Relief areas will be provided and announced. You must pick up after your service animal.

Adult Materials

    Due to federal laws, no materials of adult or erotic nature may be displayed or distributed in the view of minors. This includes artwork, video, and paraphernalia. Our vendors may have NSFW art pieces that are properly censored so long as no minors have access to them. Vendors are responsible to prohibit sales or viewing of adult content at their tables. If vendors are found to break this rule they will be asked to shut down their table(s).

Personal Belongings

    WWFC ask everyone to keep track of their personal belongings. We are not responsible for lost/stolen/damaged items. We also ask campers to turn in found Items to our Ranger Station cabin. Please be respectful of property that is not yours and do not touch other campers’ property with out their permission to do so. If something needs to be moved and put away, it's up to each respective guild master to handle it. In other words, tell your guild master something needs to be moved so they can track down its respective owner.

Also, do remember space is very limited and we must all stick to our selective area(s). If you need additional space for your fursuit(s) and/or belongings you must get permission form your neighbors and/or our guild masters. Do not leave your belonging in the bathrooms, you must take them in and out as needed. This is because of potential contamination, germs, and limited space.


Personal Limitations

    WWFC and YMCA will be hosting a handful that could be potentially dangerous. We ask you know your personal limits as far as the objectives in a games or time in your suits and the heat. Our event being later in the year means that it may not be very hot outside, but over doing it could still potentially cause heat strokes and dehydration. We are asking our campers to do their part and participate, but please do not feel inclined to push yourself or your friends to hard; especially if you have preexisting health concerns. We want everyone to have a safe and fun time!


    WWFC highly suggests its campers to follow the 6-2-1 rule! This is a convention/event hygiene guideline.

The 6-2-1Rule is:

  • At least 6 hours of sleep per night

  • 2 meals a day

  • 1 shower a day

This is the bare minimum we advise you to abide by to have a healthy stay.

    Since we are sharing rooms, we need all campers to pick up after themselves. Do not leave opened food and trash lying about. Personal hygiene items like soaps, sprays, toothbrushes, etc. must not be left in the restrooms and must be put away after use. Strong smelling deodorant sprays may bother neighbors, so please check with your guildmates before using indoors! If you're still unsure, please use them outside to avoid any further heath issues.


Vendors/Guild Market

  You must register as a vendor to sell at WWFC. You must provide a valid tax ID per Ohio state law, and purchase your table space in our Guild Market. If you are found selling on the property and haven’t registered, you may be unable to apply for future WWFC events and will need to discontinue your sales while attending. You can bring your own tables/booth but be aware that there is limited storage space and you must break down your tables/booth each evening. We will provide a table if you do not plan to bring or have one. Our market is an outdoor shelter house without electrical setups. So as an example, it’s comparable outdoor musical festival or flea market style vendor set up. Vendors are to report to staff upon arrival and will have a separate guild house/cabin than attendees. This is to ensure the safety of your property. When vendors register they may choose either a basic or VIP pass but please choose the “other” option for your cabin. Lastly be sure to fill out the vendor application form found on the registration subpage.


 Food and Drink

   You may bring a small cooler/cooler bag however you need to provide your own ice. Ice will not be available at WWFC, but there are stores nearby. We also ask that you drain your cooler as necessary over the weekend. You will be held responsible for spills/water damage and are required to clean up messes. We ask that you keep your food items in containers. The cabins are climate controlled, but be aware that this will not keep your food from spoiling outside of proper food storage. The YMCA prefers we do not bring peanut butter/peanuts. It’s not prohibited but it can be a potential arise and issue if there are guild mates whom have allergies. Please be considerate and ask your fellow guild mates for food allergies before bringing sensitive food items.

Guild Party Policy

  All activities that are held by a guild is under the over watch of guild security and discretion of the Guild Master. If the code of conduct is upheld and no rules are broken, guild members may have fun in and around their guild's cabin. However, Guild Rules must be applied and enforced by Guild Masters and Guild Security. Noise levels that are disturbances to neighboring cabins may be asked to lower their volumes or could potentially be shut down.

Please understand that WWFC may change, add, suspend, cancel, remove or otherwise modify this code of conduct or any services offered on this website at any time without prior notice, effective immediately at time of posting. Thank you for your cooperation, and let's have a fun time!

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